History of Delphia

Delphia Shipyard was founded in 1990 by two brothers, Piotr and Wojciech Kot. Ever since then the company has become the biggest producer of sailing yachts in Poland. At the beginning it employed between 10 and 20 people, the first sailing boat was Sportina 680 designed to sail inland. Delphia Shipyard has produced over 25,000 yachts for ocean, sea and inland sailing. Over 40 models between 7 and 15 metres longs have been constructed.

In 2003 Escape, offering 9 models of sailing boats and 8 models of motor yachts.

Delphia has been the shipyard changed its name from Sportlake to Delphia Yachts and started introducing gradually new models called Delphia, which have proven well in practice in sea waters and in ocean sailing. With time the shipyard started the production of motor boats Nautika and part of Beneteau Group since December 2018 and currently focuses on diversifying motor units BluEscape, Escape and Nano. Global trends prove that this type of watercraft constitute 80% of the world’s yacht market.

Know-how, precision and experience

The construction of highest-quality yachts is a complex process that requires technical expertise, precision and experience. This is the way Delphia operates. It hires experienced specialists and uses cutting-edge production technology. Yachts are designed according to boat building standards refined throughout the years, ergonomically laid out and produced in the shipyard in Olecko. Each model meets the highest requirements in terms of security and exquisite craftsmanship.

Creating beautiful and safe yachts has been the mission of our company for over 30 years. Delphia has come a long way from a small family business to one of the leading yacht producers in Europe and has become one the the biggest motor yacht producers in Europe.


Our national and international certificates and licences.

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